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There's an avalanche of tech support requests heading your way.

We've crunched the numbers using data from over 1,400 school districts and it's clear – August and September have the most support tickets coming in by far.

Download our latest guide, Climbing the Mountain of Help Requests, for winning strategies when it comes to managing peak levels of K-12 support requests.

Managing Your Mountain of Help Requests

K-12 support is a year-round job, with a comprehensive strategy required to stay ahead of non-stop tech requests. Join us for our next webinar as we discuss how to stay on top of help tickets, building a plan of action that will help your team provide timely support to teachers and students throughout the year.

Incident IQ is the workflow management platform built for K-12. With help ticketing and inventory data on the same system, support teams have all the information they need to get tickets closed quickly.

If your district is looking for better ways to handle IT help ticketing or inventory management, reach out to us. We'd love to sit down with your team and show you how Incident IQ can make a difference in your school, from the opening bell to the last day of class.

This is my fourth ticketing system, and Incident IQ is so many light years removed from where I was. The interface is cleaner, very intuitive, and the onboarding was very quick.

Director of Technology
Coweta Public Schools

Managing K-12 support requests is easier when your team has the right tools for the job.




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